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Deep-dive into Chinese instead of grammar   

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International Hour: Health

From Shenzhen to San Francisco: Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL HOUR, our virtual community gettogether for expats and internationals. At this moderated online event, we reflect on the joys and challenges of life abroad (not only in China) while enjoying games, fun and storytelling to make new contacts around the world. Book now!

16:30 Welcome & small talk
16:40 Intro round
16:50 Icebreakers
Discussion: Local developments and their effect on expat life
Discussion: How does the local healthcare system work here?
Discussion: What experiences have I had with it myself? (anecdote)
17:30 Networking group game
17:50 Feedback & Announcements
18:00 End

Tech prerequisites: Webcam, microphone, and open mind. For better audio in the group, please use your headset instead of loudspeakers. This event welcomes both expats and locals interested in a global debate.

Q & A
  • What's the International Hour about?
    • Life is about learning and sharing, so what's better than learning from fellow internationals? A dedicated host, a clear structure, interactive games and a thought-provoking topic will keep conversations and ideas flowing - and helps you connect to other expats in East Asia with ease.
  • I'm a local Chinese, can I still join?
    • Of course, input from locals is highly appreciated and adds great value to the debate. English fluency is a prerequisite for all participants.
  • Can I ask newcomer questions about Shenzhen here?
    • No, for specific Shenzhen questions please reach out to China-based folks in the community directly.
  • So who's coming?
    • People with experience abroad, no matter if in China or elsewhere. Every group is different but usually it's an exciting mix of expats and locals with international background. Digital nomads or ex-expats (returnees) are welcome too.
  • Why isn't this event free?
    • Time is valuable, and events like this should be both fun and educative. Preparation, promotion and execution of this program therefore requires considerable efforts on our side. Tip: For the lowest price, book your spots as early as possible.
  • I've already booked but ...
    • ... haven't received a confirmation yet

      Your booking confirmation will be e-mailed immediately after booking. Please also check your spam folder. If it's not in spam either, shoot us an e-mail to team@ixpat.com

    • ... am running late. Can you wait for me?

      Please log into the video chat 5 minutes ahead of the meeting time so you can get involved right from the start. Admitting latecomers into an ongoing session is not always possible.

  • Will we talk at length about China?
    • Not necessarily, it's the International Hour rather than China Hour. Expect to hear stories from all over the world and make interesting contacts beyond Zhōngguó.
  • What if there's no more spots left?
    • For ideal group dynamics the number of participants is limited. Please book as early as possible, because full = full.

Value and booking
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Early birds till February 18
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Last Minute (from 24h before event)

  • International Hour: Health
    Global video chat with discussions, networking and games in English
  • Sunday, March 3, 2024, 16:30-18:00 (Shenzhen time)
  • Video chat on ZOOM, Access details after booking
Event registration Unfortunately there are no more bookings possible for this event. Please pick an available alternative from the agenda (first come first served)

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